Electrical Safety Information


Man with a hard hat in a crane fixing an electric poleRespect for the power of electricity is the best way to avoid electrical accidents. Serving our customers extends beyond reliable and affordable electricity. That's why it is important to remember that your electricity comes from outside your home via transformers, utility poles, and overhead or buried cables. If someone has received an electric shock from live indoor electricity, shut off the power if possible. If it is not possible, use a dry wooden stick, dry rope, or dry clothing to move the victim away from the power sources.

If someone is in contact with a live outdoor power line, the only safe thing to do is to call your electric utility and have them turn the power off. Call an ambulance immediately. Do not attempt to move any outdoor electrical equipment or the victim.


In case of an electrical fire, unplug the appliance when possible. If smoke comes from wires or electric motors, turn the power off. If a fire is small, use a fire extinguisher rated specifically for electrical fires or plain baking soda to put it out. Never use water to put out an electric fire.

Power Lines

If a power line or broken wire is down near your house, do not touch it. Never assume the wire is dead. Call the Springfield Electric Department immediately at (615) 384-6770 to make the necessary repairs.

Good Conductors

Electricity will go to ground through any good conductor including metal, liquid or even you. Stay out of its path, never touch appliances or wires with wet hands or feet.

Surge Protection

Occasionally, an unsuppressed power surge can bypass a pole transformer and enter a customer's home causing extensive damage to appliances and household equipment. Pole-mounted lightning arrestors and transformers are often inadequate to protect sensitive electronic equipment.

Secondary power surge protection at the service entrance is the most effective way to solve this problem. The Springfield Electric Department recommends and offers the TESCO 240MSA meter socket surge arrester for this purpose.
The device is very reliable and TESCO offers a 10 year warranty on product replacement and connected equipment and appliances.

Springfield Electric residential customers are eligible to purchase this meter socket surge arrester. Customers must pay the $100 service fee per installation in advance or through billing arrangement with the City of Springfield and sign an agreement. Customers interested in this service may contact the Springfield Electric Department Office at 615-384-6770.