Public Education & Station Tours

The personnel of the Springfield Fire Department would be pleased to present a program at your next civic club meeting, church or school. The department is very active at city schools during Fire Prevention Week.

National Fire Prevention Week is always the 2nd week in October of each year. If you have a group interested in visiting 1 of the fire stations, please give us a call at 615-384-4381 to schedule a station tour.

 You may also wish to fill out the online form to schedule your Class or Tour. You may click HERE to be taken to the form.

Opticom Traffic Signaling System

During the fall of 1996 the City of Springfield initiated the installation of a state of the art emergency preemption signaling system for traffic lights. The system, marketed under the name Opticom, is designed by the 3M Corporation. The City of Springfield was 1 of the 1st cities in the middle Tennessee region to install this technology.

The system allows public safety vehicles, while responding to emergency calls for service, to have the flow of traffic. Each fire apparatus is equipped with a signaling device that triggers the approaching traffic light to turn green, allowing the fire apparatus the right of way.

Please remember to always move to the right and stop when emergency vehicles are approaching with flashing lights and sirens.