Emergency Management

Siren Warning System

The City of Springfield has an outdoor warning system using an Omni-directional high powered voice and siren system. The system is used to notify the public in the event of tornado warnings and other types of potential natural and man-made disasters.

As of July 2022, new software was installed where sirens will now activate automatically for tornado warnings issued by the National Weather Service. See below for the different siren sounds and their meanings:

šŸŒŖ Tornado warning- wail sound with messages
āš” Lightning- airhorn sounds

Samples of the warning tones may be heard online at the Whelen Engineering website.

The system consists of 15 pole mounted units located within the city limits of Springfield. Silent tests are conducted weekly. The units are sited at the following locations:

  • Highway 41 North and Legion Field
  • Highway 41 South and Gregory Road
  • Highway 41 South and Kirby Street
  • Highway 41 South and Stacy Springs
  • Highway 161 North and Charles Ralph Drive
  • Highway 431 South and Watson Road
  • Hillside Drive and Lakeside Drive
  • Lawerence Lane
  • The Legacy Club House
  • Legacy Drive and Gallop Drive
  • Locust Street behind the Senior Citizens Center
  • Perry Drive and Poplar Avenue
  • Springfield Public Works Department
  • Travis Price Park
  • Westside Circle

Region Wide Radio System

The City of Springfield public safety departments have recently brought into service the new trunked radio system that is being installed throughout all of Tennessee Homeland Security District 7, which includes Robertson, Montgomery, Cheatham, Dickson, Houston, Humphreys and Stewart counties.

The new radio system allows public safety departments within a county, within neighboring counties, or throughout the homeland security district to communicate with one another individually or collectively in the event of a natural or man-made emergency or disaster.

Cable Television

In the event of an emergency or potential emergency the City of Springfield has the capability of notifying all cable television customers of the nature of the emergency by running a streaming video announcement on all cable television channels.

Automated Sprinkler & Standpipes

An approved automatic sprinkler system shall be provided for newly constructed buildings or structures and for newly renovated buildings or structures. Renovated shall mean 50% or greater of the gross square foot area of the building or structure.

The automatic sprinkler system shall only be provided to that portion of the building or structure which is being renovated. Regulations pertaining to automatic sprinkler and standpipe systems can be found in Title 7, Chapter 7 of the Springfield Municipal Code (PDF).

Fire Hydrant Program

The City of Springfield has 1029 fire hydrants within the city limits. Every April and September each hydrant is serviced, lubed, natural vegetation trimmed from around the hydrant for better visibility, and painted on a as needed basis. The Water Department performs flow testing to stay in compliance with Insurance Services Office (ISO).  The cap color indicates available water flow from the hydrant. The bonnet, or top, of each hydrant is painted white for increased visibility at night.

Each color represents the following water flows:

Class Color Water Flow
Class AA
Safety Blue
Water flow capacity of greater than 1,500 gpm with a residual pressure of at least 20 psi.
Class A
Safety Green
Water flow capacity of greater than 1,000 gpm with a residual pressure of at least 20 psi.
Class B
Safety Orange
Water flow capacity between 500 gpm and 999 gpm with a residual pressure of at least 20 psi.
Class C
Safety Red
Water flow capacity less than 500 gpm with a residual pressure of at least 20 psi.
  • GPM - Gallons per Minute
  • PSI - Pound per Square Inch