Sanitation Department

The City of Springfield has regulations with the collection of trash carts, brush, bulky and junk waste in order to improve the quality of your service as well as the beauty and appearance of our community.  Your cooperation in the city's sanitation programs will enable us to provide better service in an efficient and dependable manner.

Residents within the city limits are required to keep their premises in a clean and sanitary condition, free from accumulations of trash. All owners or tenants of residential units are required to accept and pay for trash collection service as provided by the City of Springfield. Owners of commercial units are required to either contract for trash collection service or accept and pay for trash collection service as provided by the city.

​How to Initiate Sanitation Service

The city is a full service municipality that provides electric, gas, sanitation, water and wastewater utility services collectively billed on one monthly statement as a convenience to our residents. New service can be initiated by visiting the new services window on the first floor of City Hall, completing an application and paying all service fees and deposits.  After you have connected your utility services, call us to discuss your sanitation collection services.

Sanitation Rates

Residential households are furnished with one trash cart for once a week collection. The residential rate is $16.00 per month. If an addition cart is needed the rate will increase to $32.00 per month.

The city has the discretion to provide residential trash collection service to small commercial customers. The rate for commercial trash collection is $21.50 per month for one cart serviced once a week and $28.00 per month for one cart to be serviced twice per week.  If an additional cart is needed, the cart must be purchased by the customer and the customer's sanitation rate will be increased accordingly.