Public Works Street Department

Services provided by the Street Department include driveway construction inspections, patching and repairing damaged streets, repairing street shoulders, mowing and clearing right-of-ways, sweeping streets, sidewalk construction and repairs and removing limbs and debris. In addition, the street department provides traffic control maintenance by installing and maintaining traffic and street name signs and by painting or installing stop bars and striping.
Street Repairs

Annual Street Repaving Program

A street repaving program is funded in the city's annual budget and paid with a combination of State of Tennessee street aid revenue and general fund revenue. Streets are selected for repaving by a priority basis as determined by surface conditions, traffic flow and safety.

Snow and Ice Removal

Snow removal from streets is determined by the severity of the snow or ice. The department has a priority of list streets that will receive road salt in the event of a heavy snow or ice storm. These street are arterial or collector streets are critical for public safety. Here is a list of priority streets.

State Highways within the City of Springfield

Memorial Boulevard (US 41), Tom Austin Highway (US 431), 5th Avenue (US 49), and Highway 76 are all highways maintained by the Tennessee Department of Transportation. Please call the Tennessee Department of Transportation Garage at 615-382-2416 or 931-648-5570 to report conditions that need attention.