Curbside Junk Collection

General Information

Junk and bulky items are collected during the months of April and October of each year. There are no collection districts designated for this service and it is not necessary to call for this service. 

Once a month, residents may dispose of one large junk item or one bag of junk at the Public Works facility located at 2809 Clinard Drive. You must register inside the office before you dispose of your item.

Anyone placing junk at the curbside other than during the months of April and October may be subject to a possible fine and subject to a summons to court.

All items must be placed curbside or near the edge of the street.  Please do not block drainage ditches, meters, etc. This service is not available to private properties, vacant lots and properties, apartment complexes, condominiums, businesses and property clean outs by the landlord.

Did you know?

Residents can also bring their waste to Robertson County Solid Waste & Recycling. This center is operated by the county.  For more information, please contact them at 615-384-0683.

Junk and Bulky Waste Collection Policies

1.    Junk and appliances must be neatly stacked.

2.    Loose or small items must be bagged.

3.    Grass & hedge clippings, leaves, small twigs, and yard waste must be bagged.

4.    Only three bulky items will be collected per load.

5.    Collection is limited to waste generated by the occupant of the residence.

6.    Placing prohibited items at the curb may delay your junk being collected.