City Water Facilities
All persons that encounter the City water system shall be liable for damages their actions may cause. This includes from the source (Red River and its watershed) through treatment, transmission, storage, and distribution.

The City of Springfield is a member of Tennessee One-Call. When excavation is contemplated, telephone calls to the City are required to establish locations for underground facilities. Failure to give prior notice for underground facility locations shall be considered negligence and the repair of damages will be due. Willful damage to water facilities will be considered gross negligence and the repair of damages will be due and punitive damages may be sought.

Water Meters

If a City owned water meter is damaged due to an act by a customer, through negligence or abuse, the customer is responsible for the repairs and / or replacement. The customer will be billed for the actual cost of repair or replacement, and such bill will be paid within 30 days; otherwise the unpaid bill will be added to the customer's utility bill. An estimate based on the average usage will be made and added to the repair costs.