Water & Wastewater Service Lines

  1. Supplying Water
  2. Unauthorized Services
  3. Cross Connection
  4. Fire Hydrants
  5. Filling Tank Trucks
Do Not Supply Water to Others
Customers shall not supply water or allow water to be transported to other premises without the consent of the City. Water facilities within the service area of the Springfield Water System are considered the property of the City of Springfield up to, and including, the meter or sprinkler system indicator valve.

Ownership of lines by private parties, with the intent to restrict or charge for connections to the line, is prohibited. The City of Springfield has sole operational, connection, and extension authority on water lines that have been, or that are planned to be, constructed by private parties and maintained and operated by the City.
Wastewater Service Lines - Customer Responsibilities
The City does not assume responsibility for damages incurred by wastewater that result from stoppages on a customer's private wastewater service line. The customer is responsible for maintaining the flow capacity of the private wastewater service line from the house to the City's main. This includes solids buildup and tree root intrusions. Customers are required to have minimal clean-outs at the house and at the property line to enable plumbers to access and clean these lines.

The City is responsible for the structural integrity of the service line from the main to the property line. The City may be responsible for stoppages that occur on a City main and the private property damage that may result.

The City shall not assume liability for damages incurred by a wastewater customer when damages result from:
  • Defective operation or condition of the customer's plumbing system.
  • A defective condition in the City's wastewater system, unless the City received actual or constructive notice of the defective condition with sufficient time to amend.

All claims resulting from negligent operation, negligent installation, or negligent repairs, and all claims arising out of sudden and unexpected emergency repair work will be handled on a case by case basis. They will be handled within the scope of the Tennessee Municipal League Risk Management Pool policies, and within the scope of general law, including the Tennessee Municipal Tort Liability Act.