EnergyRight Solutions Programs

TVA EnergyRight Residential Services
Springfield Electric and TVA have created the EnergyRight Residential Solutions program in order to help our customers save money and energy through the use of high efficiency electric heat pumps. Through this program, Springfield Electric and TVA offer customers low interest, fixed-rate loans with no money down to finance the cost of high efficiency heat pumps. Payments are conveniently added onto the customer's monthly bill and can be spread over as many as 10 years.

A single thermostat controls all components of the system, and it is installed by a TVA-certified and approved Quality Contractor Network member, ensuring that your heat pump will be installed safely and correctly. If you are interested in applying for this program, call (615) 384-6770 to get started.

HVAC System Maintenance Tips

  • Change air filters monthly
  • Get a professional tune-up of your heating and cooling system annually to keep it running as efficiently as possible
  • Have your ductwork inspected and repair any leaks
  • Keep your outside condenser unit clean and clear of vegetation and debris
  • Mow grass away from the condenser in the summer and keep the fan grill free of leaves in the fall
  • Shade your condenser unit if possible—you will save energy if your unit is processing cooler air
  • Ductwork in energy efficient homes is placed inside the conditioned space, which prevents heat transfer from or to the ducts, so if your ductwork runs through non-conditioned space, be sure it is insulated
  • Operate your system with energy savings in mind—raise the temperature settings in the summer and lower them in the winter


In addition to offering heat pump financing, the TVA EnergyRight Residential Services program is a residential energy efficiency program that provides homeowners with a clear path to make their home a level 10 – a score that indicates it’s running at peak energy efficiency, which increases comfort levels and saves the participant money. TVA EnergyRight Residential Services provides expert recommendations to help homeowners identify areas for improvement that will reduce energy costs and help homeowners work toward a score of 10 for their home at their own pace.  Homeowners can earn rebates on qualified energy efficiency upgrades and re-engage with the program as many times as needed to achieve their home's best possible energy performance.

TVA EnergyRight Residential Services Program Home Qualifications
The following requirements must be met for a home to qualify for participation in the program:

  • Home shall be an existing single-family home served by a local power company of Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
  • Home shall have had permanent electric service for a minimum of one year
  • Home shall have its own electric meter
  • Home must be served by a local power company that is participating in the TVA EnergyRight Residential Services program

Participants have two options for initial TVA EnergyRight Residential Services program entry:

1.  TVA EnergyRight Residential Services Evaluation/Inspection – The participant may elect to participate in the program and make upgrades to their home without having an evaluation prior to making upgrades. An TVA EnergyRight Residential Services Evaluation/Inspection is an on-site visual assessment of the home, which is performed after initial energy efficiency upgrades are installed by a Quality Contractor Network (QCN) member. The evaluation includes a report with a customized list of upgrade recommendations for the home.

2.  TVA EnergyRight Residential Services Evaluation – The participant may elect to have an evaluation performed on their home for a non-refundable fee.  This option is for the participant who wants the advice of an unbiased expert regarding the efficiency needs of their home before making any energy efficiency upgrades.  The advisor performs an on-site visual assessment of the home and walks through a plan with the participant to make the home as energy efficient as possible.  The participant receives a report with a customized list of upgrade recommendations for the home.

Some participant rebates for homeowners include: attic insulation, air sealing, duct system (existing HVAC only), water heater, window replacement, storm windows added to single-pane windows, exterior door replacement, heat pump replacement, tune-up for existing central heat pump or air conditioning system, central air conditioning replacement, geothermal heat pump replacement, and dual fuel heat pump replacement.

Financing and rebate options depend on your local power company.

Learn more at the TVA EnergyRight Residential Services website, and also visit TVA for more information.