Subdivision Regulations


The City of Springfield Subdivision Regulations delineate the standards for such concerns as: Building setbacks in new subdivisions

  • Drainage and storm sewers
  • Facilities
  • Fire hydrants
  • Gas and electric utilities
  • Lot requirements
  • Public uses
  • Sidewalks and driveways
  • Street and road construction
  • Street signs and traffic control
  • Utility easements
  • Water and sewer lines

The regulations also address procedures for plat review and approval, assurances for completion and maintenance of improvements, and enforcement and penalties for violation.

View the City of Springfield Subdivision Regulations. A copy of the Subdivision Regulations may be purchased from the department at a cost of $25. The department staff members are always available to answer questions about subdivision regulations and residential development.

The following Subdivision Review Fees have been adopted by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen:

  • Preliminary Plat - $200 plus $20 per lot
  • Final Plat - $200 plus $20 per lot
  • Agriculture/Residential Rezoning:
    $200 (less than 1 acre)
    $350 (1-10 acres)
    $500 (10-50 acres)
    $700 (more than 50 acres)
  • Commercial/Industrial Rezoning:
    $350 (less than 1 acre)
    $500 (1-10 acres)
    $700 (10-50 acres)
    $1,100 (more than 50 acres)