Sign Permit Regulations

A section of the Springfield Zoning Ordinance to establish regulations and standards for the construction, maintenance, and removal of signs. These sign regulations shall apply to all exterior signs and signs that are visible from the outside within the city limits of Springfield.

Purpose and Intent

Signs constitute a separate and distinct use of the land upon which they are placed and affect the us of the adjacent streets, sidewalks, and property.

The purpose of our comprehensive sign plan is to create a uniform, easily understood, and very defined set of standards controlling all exterior signage. Our defined parameters are; to protect the general public health, safety, convenience, and welfare; to reduce traffic hazards caused by unregulated signs which may distract, confuse, and impair the visibility of motorists and pedestrians; to ensure the effectiveness of public traffic signs and signals; to protect the public investment in streets, highways, and other public improvements; to facilitate the creation of an attractive and harmonious community; to protect property values; and to further economic development. (Ref. "11-808 Sign Regulations for City of Springfield" in the City of Springfield Zoning Ordinance.)

Please contact Community Development Department with any questions regarding the permanent Sign Permit Application (PDF) and the temporary Sign Permit Application (PDF).