Driveway Permits

The Street Department issues driveway permits and performs inspections for residential and commercial lots within the city limits. Any person, contractor, firm, corporation or other considering performing any driveway construction or repair within the right-of-way or easement must first obtain a permit before any work can begin. There is no charge for the permit. All new construction must apply for a building permit from the Planning Department before requesting a driveway permit. 

The driveway site will be monitored by the Public Works Construction Inspector before, during and after construction to ensure compliance with the city's specifications. If a person, contractor, firm, corporation or other is in violation of any city code or ordinance, the construction inspector has the authority to stop work. Work can only be resumed when all violation(s) have been corrected.

Acceptable pipe includes 16 gauge corrugated metal with city approved headwalls or Class III reinforced concrete.  The minimum allowable length of any pipe is 16 feet.  The maximum allowable with of a driveway is 25 feet.  The minimum distance between a driveway and an adjoining property line is five (5) feet.

Please call 615-384-2746 to complete an application or submit an Application for a Driveway Permit online.