The Administrative Services Department is responsible for the overall direction and management for the city and its departments as well as organizational support in the areas of human resources and public affairs.  

  • City Manager 
  • Assistant City Manager 
  • Human Resources 
  • Public Affairs
  • Tourism

City Manager

The City Manager is appointed by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and serves at the will of the governing body. The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the city; responsible to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, under the Council/Manager form of government, for the direction and administration of all offices, departments, and activities placed in her charge by the city charter or the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

Powers and Duties

The powers and duties of the City Manager are as follows:

  1. To appoint, remove or otherwise discipline all department heads and all subordinate officers and employees, all appointments to be made upon merit and fitness alone. She may authorize any administrative officer who is subject to her direction and supervision to exercise these powers with respect to subordinates in that officer's department or office;
  2. To see that all laws and ordinances, subject to enforcement by her or by officers subject to her direction, are enforced, and upon knowledge or information of any violation thereof, to see that prosecutions are instituted;
  3. To attend all Board of Mayor and Aldermen meetings and to have the right to take part in any discussions, but not to vote;
  4. To prepare and submit an annual operating budget and an annual capital budget update to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen at the appropriate time;
  5. To submit to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen a complete report on the financial condition of each department of the city at the end of each month;
  6. To make such other reports on the activities of the city as the Board of Mayor and Aldermen may require or as she sees the need for and to make such recommendation as in her opinion, are necessary to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the city's operations or as are needed for the overall good of the city;
  7. To act as purchasing agent for the city, purchasing all materials, supplies, and equipment needed by the city in accordance with state law and procedures established by the Board and Aldermen; and
  8. To perform other duties required by the city charter or the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.