Properties Acquired via Tax Sale 

The City of Springfield has acquired an interest in various real estate properties by way of delinquent tax sales either solely or jointly with Robertson County. Pursuant to TCA 67-5-2511, the City Clerk shall maintain a list of properties in which the city has an interest.

The city intends to solicit offers to purchase its interest in these properties in order to promote development and the return of these properties to the tax roll. All offers must be in writing and utilize the form below. The City of Springfield also strongly advises potential purchasers to seek the advice of an attorney so you are fully apprised of your rights and responsibilities when purchasing a property acquired by the city from a delinquent tax sale. 

Any offer received must be advertised for thirty (30) days. Any additional offers must be at least 10% higher than the initial offer on the property. Please see the current property list, offers, and offer form below. 

Offers may be submitted by mail or in-person to:

City of Springfield
Attn: Natasha Tice
405 North Main Street
Springfield, TN 37172