Do I need a Permit?

How do I know I need a permit? See the below tables for some sample ideas on what requires a permit and what does not.

I am planning to:
Remove Walls Build a pool
Replace Windows Build a home
Replace a Roof Build a garage
Build an accessory building
over 200 square feet.
Install HVAC
Buy a shed over 200 square feet Major Structural Renovations
Build a deck Plumbing

You need a permit!

This list is not an exhaustive list. If you are altering, changing occupancy, constructing, demolishing, enlarging, moving or repairing. Contact Mark Fields at if you have additional questions.

I am Planning to:

Paint my home Replace Cabinets
Build a shed under 200
square feet
Build an accessory building
under 200 square feet
Do Cosmetic Upgrades  

A permit is not required.

Permits should be pulled anytime structural elements are changing.  Cosmetic items do not require a permit.

If you have any questions on permitting contact the Codes Department at (615) 382 2200