I have not received a bill? / Why do I have a bill due after I have moved?
Bills are sent for services used through the reading date. The connection date, meter reading date, and the billing cycle determine when the 1st bill or a final bill will be due. Initial bills will be rendered if service has been activated for at least 6 calendar days.

Initial bills could be for service exceeding 30 days, depending on what part of the billing cycle initial sign up falls in. Final bills for terminated accounts are rendered with the current billing cycle at termination date. This could change the due date of the final bill.

There will always be 1 more bill for final service period after the date of termination. This is why a forwarding address is requested at the termination date. If you have not received your bill and are concerned that it may be due, please contact our office and we will be happy to supply your balance.Visit the City Recorder / Finance page

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4. I have not received a bill? / Why do I have a bill due after I have moved?
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