Natural gas is one of the most affordable forms of energy currently available to residential consumers. It is no wonder that nearly 8,000 residential customers have tied onto our distribution lines. What many people don't know is that natural gas is actually overall a better value than electricity as a source of energy. It is environmentally friendly, clean and non-toxic. Natural gas also burns clean when compared to other fossil fuels. It's an economical, efficient and reliable energy source.

There are several appliances that can depend on natural gas. Appliances like water heaters (tanked or tankless), clothes dryers, stove tops, ovens, space heaters, gas fireplace logs, outdoor grills, furnaces and generators are several to name a few. And, it's not surprising that most homeowners prefer the gas-powered versions of these appliances over electric ones. When it comes to cooking, gas is favored because it offers easy temperature control, self ignition and it even self-cleans. Natural gas is convenient, clean, efficient and economical.