Gas Codes

As a new customer, all piping is required to pass inspection after obtaining a mechanical permit from City Hall (this is required prior to installing lines within the house). Inspections are enforced by the City of Springfield Codes Department. The City of Springfield requires that you are a current TN licensed contractor with a certificate of insurance, pipe house with proper pipe size including a stub sticking out of the house at the meter. After completion of installation, the contractor will be required to air test the line at a minimum of 30 PSI for at least 24 hours. While the pipe is under pressure test you may call city hall to request a codes enforcer to inspect the installation of the gas pipe line. If the pipe passes inspection, an order will be placed to have a customer service representative install the gas meter and establish service. During inspection, if the codes department finds anything not within city code or the best interest of the homeowner, they will notify the permit holder of what changes need to be made; at which time you must have the contractor correct needed changes, retest pipe, and undergo an additional inspection before service can be established. For permitting, you may contact Samantha Johnson at Springfield City Hall 615-380-8618. The Codes Administrator is Mark Fields, and Mark McLane also inspects mechanicals.

The copy of inspection codes used are the International Mechanical Codes 2012 ed. and may be viewed from the link provided.