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Driveway Permit Application

  1. Driveway permits are required before the start of a driveway in the city limits of Springfield. There is no cost for a driveway permit. This is to ensure that all city codes and ordinances are met. The Public Works Construction Inspector will check for compliance and then the permit will be mailed.
  2. Acceptable pipe material include 16 gauge corrugated metal with city approved headwalls or Class III reinforced concrete. The minimum allowable length of culvert is 16 feet. The maximum allowable width of a driveway opening at the street is 25 feet. The minimum allowable distance between a driveway opening and an adjoining interior property line is five (5) feet.
  3. (See below if address for driveway if different.)
  4. A representative will make a site visit to ensure compliance with the conditions of this permit before a CO is issued. If you are outside the Springfield city limits, please contact your city or county.
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