Leak Prevention

Periodic Detection

Each operator of a gas distribution system must provide for periodic leakage surveys in its operating and maintenance plan. A gas leak detection survey must be conducted at intervals not exceeding 15 months, but at least once each calendar year

Surveys must be conducted in:

  • Business districts, including tests of the atmosphere in gas, electric, telephone, sewer, and water system manholes
  • At cracks in pavement and sidewalks
  • At other locations providing an opportunity for finding gas leaks

Leak detection surveys of the distribution system outside of the principal business areas must be made as frequently as necessary, but at intervals not exceeding 5 years. It is the policy of the Springfield Gas Department to complete this work at 4 year intervals.

School Detection

The gas services to all public and private schools shall be surveyed once each year with a flame ionization back pack unit or combustible gas indicator using the bar-hole method. The surveys must begin and finish as early as possible in the summer period in order that any leakage detected can be corrected prior to the beginning of the fall term of school.