Customer Responsibility & Tips

The City of Springfield Gas Department is responsible for maintaining the gas lines that deliver natural gas to the meter at your home. You are responsible for maintaining the gas lines from the meter to the natural gas-burning appliances throughout your home. Don't forget that you may have gas lines extending to yard lights, grills, pool heaters, and garage or workshop heaters that are the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain.

city vs customer
Most meters are set close to the house. The City of Springfield maintains the gas lines from the street to the meter and only monitors the visible piping from the meter to the house for corrosion and leaks. Maintenance of that piping is the homeowner’s responsibility.

Any natural gas piping not on the City of Springfield Gas Department meter side, should be inspected annually for leaks with metal piping monitored for corrosion. If gas lines become corroded or leak, you could have a potentially dangerous and costly situation.

Gas Meter Tips:

  • Know where your gas meter is.
  • Keep it clear for emergency responses.
  • Keep shrubbery trimmed around your gas meter.
  • Never allow trees to grow around the meter set. As the tree grows it can cause fittings to break.
  • Do not enclose your meter.
  • Do not tie pets or other objects to your gas meter or gas piping.
  • Do not pile mulch up so high that it touches the bottom of the meter or covers the cut off valve.
  • Do not electrically ground anything to the gas meter or service line.