Excavation of City Streets

It is unlawful for any person, contractor, firm, corporation or other to excavate or tunnel under any street, alley, public place or city right-of-way without first obtaining a permit from the Public Works Department. An application for a permit must be accompanied by a cash deposit, certified cashier's check or non-refundable letter of credit payable to the City of Springfield.

The minimum deposit is five hundred dollars ($500.00) which can be raised to an amount adequate to cover the cost of restoration if the applicant fails to make proper restoration.  In lieu of a deposit, the applicant may obtain a surety bond in such form and amount as the Public Works Director shall deem adequate to cover the costs to the municipality if the applicant fails to make proper restoration.

In addition to making a deposit or obtaining a bond, the applicant must file a certificate of insurance indicating the applicant is insured against claims for damages or personal injury and against claims for property damages that may arise from the performance of the work.
Excavation of City Streets

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