Brush and Limb Collection

In addition to the weekly trash cart collection service, the city provides once a month collection of brush, limbs or branches.

Brush collection service is provided to residential customers only and is not available for apartments, condominiums, or commercial properties. All other types of junk waste are collected during months designated by the city.

Brush and Limb Collection Policies

The city is divided into two collection districts using the railroad tracks as the dividing line. The North District is collected from the 1st to the 14th of each month. The South District is collected from the 15th to the end of the month. The polices for brush and limb collection is as follows:

  1. To ensure that brush is collected, place it out by the first day of your district. Brush can only be placed for collection during the time period designated for your collection district.
  2. Tree trunks and stumps are not collected. Do not place at the curb.
  3. Branches cannot be be longer than 8' long or weigh more than 75 pounds each.
  4. Place brush at the edge of your property only and not on sidewalks, in ditches or street or on vacant lots or vacant properties.
  5. Brush cut by a contractor or person paid by a resident, owner or landlord will not be collected.
  6. Brush must not be out for more than 15 days. You can receive a summons to court if you do not adhere to the collection schedule.
  7. Loose yard waste, including, grass, hedge trimmings, leaves or small twigs is not collected. Bagged yard waste is only collected during the months or April or October. Please consider composting or click here to see how to dispose of bagged yard waste.

It is not necessary to call for this service. If you are not sure of your collection district, please contact the Public Works Department at 615-384-2746, email us or check the map.

Brush DO's and DONT's

Believe it or not there is a right way and a wrong way to set out your brush for pick up. The mechanical arm of the boom truck needs enough room to lift the brush pile up and into the dump bed. Only the driver travels with each truck; no other crew members are there to move piles or separate items that don't belong in a brush pile.

Put brush out by the first day of your zone. Wait until the end of your two-week period. The truck may not come back to your area.
Put your brush at the edge of your property and not too far from the edge. Set brush on vacant lots or vacant properties. This is actually illegal dumping.
Separate brush and junk items (junk is only collected April or October). If debris is found in your brush pile it won't get picked up. Stack brush against mailboxes, poles, fences trees or under power lines. If brush is too close to any stationary object it won't get picked up.
Hired help or private yard waste contractors such as tree trimmers, landscapers and lawn services are required by city ordinance to remove and dispose of waste generated by their services. If you hire someone to trim or cut your tree, be sure that the cost of hauling the brush away is included in the price. Do not put brush at the curb.