Recycling is good for the economy and the environment. Every day, we have the power to help our community, now and for years to come. Recycling saves energy, helps our climate, reduces landfill space and protects wildlife. Buying recycling products creates demand for more recycled products, decreases waste and use fewer natural resources. The Environmental Protection Agency is a great resource of recycling information.

Curbside Recycling

The City of Springfield, in conjunction with Green Village Recycling, offers curbside single stream recycling. This form of recycling allows you to put acceptable recyclables into an appropriate container without sorting materials.

The monthly rate for curbside recycling is $11.00 for residents within the city limits of Springfield and is billed to your Springfield utility account. One blue 96 gallon roll cart is provided at no charge. Recycling carts are collected twice per month on Monday. 

To establish curbside recycling complete an online form at

Acceptable Recycling Materials for Curbside Recycling

#1—#7 Plastics: Soda and water bottles; Mouthwash bottles, Salad dressing and vegetable oil containers; Milk jugs; Juice bottles; Bleach, detergent or household cleaner bottles, Butter and yogurt tubs; Shopping bags; Shampoo bottles; Clear food packaging; Squeezable bottles, Medicine bottles; Caps; Straws; Egg cartons; Compact disc cases; DVD’s; and More!.

Paper Products:  Anything that tears and no need to remove paper clips, labels, staples, tape, rubber bands, or spiral bindings.  White, colored or coated papers; Magazines and catalogs; Junk mail; Newspaper, including inserts (remove plastic sleeve); Paperback and soft covered books; Telephone books; Office paper, Manila, coated or colored folders; Envelopes; Brown paper bags and More!

Other Materials:  Aluminum, Tin and steel cans, Cardboard must be flattened, empty, dry and not contaminated with any waste or food (no waxed cardboard).

Please empty and rinse containers. Do not flatten containers and no materials in plastic bags.

Questions or concerns about recycling collections days or missed collection should be directed to Green Village at 615-265-8599.

Materials that are not Accepted

Styrofoam or expanded foam containers; Food contaminated materials; Glass; Motor oil; Paint; Insecticide, herbicide or hazardous chemical containers; Restroom papers, paper towels or papers that contain synthetic materials.

Recycle Used Oil

The City of Springfield accepts used motor oil from residents that live in the city limits. Click to learn more about the Used Oil Collection Center.