Small Commercial Trash Collected Residentially

Commercial Trash Collected Residentially

Carts must be curbside, or edge of property, by 5:30 a.m. on the day of anticipated collection. The City of Springfield offers residential trash collection service to small commercial customers one or two times per week, depending on customer's preference and the city's discretion. 

All trash must be bagged and placed inside the cart for collection. The city will not pick up additional trash on or around the trash cart. The first cart is provided at no cost. If a commercial customer needs an additional cart call for the current price and rate increase.


The current rate for commercial collection is $19.50 per month for once a week service and $26.00 per month for twice a week service.

If you need to know your collection day(s), please email us or call the Public Works Department at 615-384-2746.

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Trash Cart Policies

All carts must be placed at the curb or the edge of your property by 5:30 a.m. on your schedule collection day regardless of when your cart is "normally" collected. If your cart is not out when the driver is in your area you will not receive service for that week. 

As soon as practical, after the trash cart has been emptied it must be removed away from the curb until the next schedule time for collection. Its a violation of a city ordinance to leave carts at the curb. Policies must be followed or cart will not be serviced:

  1. Cart must be placed at the curb or the edge of your property by 5:30 a.m.
  2. All trash must be bagged. Loose trash causes littering.
  3. Cart must be 4' from any object (other carts, fences, mail boxes or vehicles) to give the collection equipment adequate room to grasp cart.
  4. Cart must be in correction location, in line and behind the "X". Please call our office if your X has faded.
  5. Excess trash is not allowed. Your cart will not be serviced if you have trash on top of your cart. 
  6. Lid must be completed closed. This prevents littering and keeps rain from entering cart.
  7. Lid opening must point towards the street to allow collection equipment to empty cart. If the cart is not facing the correct direction it will not be serviced.
  8. Only usual bagged household waste is allowed in cart. If junk items, boxes or yard waste is found in cart it will not be serviced.
  9. Remove trash cart from the curb after it has been emptied. This prevents others from using your cart.

Commercial Dumpster Service

Commercial locations not serviced by the city must place trash in a city approved dumpster or roll-off container provided by a private refuse collection company.  All dumpsters and roll-off containers are to be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis and shall not be filled to overflowing. The surrounding area must be kept clean, neat and in sanitary condition. The city does not provide dumpster or roll-off containers.

All dumpsters and roll-off containers are to be located at the rear of the property and shall be enclosed from sight in accordance with Public Works Department specifications. All private trash collection companies must have valid permits or licenses to do business within the city.